Basic sales training

About the training:

Selling is something we do on a daily basis, without calling it as such. Convincing someone of your opinion is a form of ‘selling’. In this course you will learn how to show your customers the added value of your product, in order for them to convince themselves and becoming enthusiastic about your product, service or company.


Getting to know and learning how to use all different facets of sales


3 days (this training can also be taken in separate modules)

Programme (3 modules)

M1: Prospecting

  • Product- and market knowledge
  • Where and who are my customers?
  • What channels should I use to reach my prospects?

M2: Efficient communication

  • Basic communication techniques
  • Using and interpreting body language
  • Demonstrating your article, folder, sales folder, presentation,…

M3: Face-to-face sales*

  • Making a strong first impression
  • Analysis phase (customer types, listen actively, resolving discussions)
  • Recommendation Phase: discussing and demonstrating
  • Overcoming objections
  • Closing the sale successfully

* during the exercises we will be using a video camera and an actor to strengthen the learning process