A. Software training

B. Learning how to type in 4 hours

A. Software training

We give end-user training in the following software packages:

Programme Basic Advanced
MS-Word X X
MS-Excel X X
MS-PowerPoint X X
MS-Outlook X X
MS-Publisher X X
Acrobat Writer X X
Adobe Photoshop X X
Adobe Illustrator X X
Web design X

B. Learning how to type in 4 hours


Do you know how many hours per week u type on your keyboard and how much time you could save, by typing quicker and fault with 10 fingers? By using this rapid learning method, everyone can learn how to type on their keyboard with 10 fingers in 4 hours.


4 hours


  • The correct typing position
  • Learning how to use the key board with 10 fingers*

* During the practical exercises we will use an audio system and computers to practise with