Are you looking for a new employee and you don’t have time to make a job description, follow up on applications, invite candidates and do the interviews? We help you to manage this entire application process, from writing/posting the add up to interviewing possible candidates.


Helping you to find a new employee that is right for the job and your company.


To be defined after our initial meeting


We follow some fixed steps to assist you in hiring a new employee:

  • An inital meeting to discuss the position your need to have filled in
    • Determine the desired profile of the candidate
    • List the tasks and skills needed to execute the job
    • Preconditions of the function (number of hours/week, salary, planning,…)
  • Job description
    • Based on our first meeting, we will make a preliminary job description. If you wish you pursue with the hiring process, we will start the recruitment process
  • Recruiting phase
    • Post the add
    • Screening of CV’s
    • Contact applicants by phone and possibly invite them for a first interview
    • Ongoing reporting on return/quality of applications and create a short list of candidates to meet for a second interview
    • Selecting the right candidate