About the course:

Every company is made up of various processes. These processes have grown over time and sometimes suffocate the employees because they don’t fully understand or miss use them.
We help you to gain more insight into your existing processes, make suggestions to improve them and help you to communicate the processes to your personnel.


We help you to implement new processes, update existing ones and to communicate them to your personnel.


To be defined after a preliminary meeting.


We follow a few simple steps to help you with your processes:

  • Preparation
    • Together we will identify the scope of the implementation of the processes
    • Create an action list
    • Create a planning of implementation
  • Base line measurement
    • Measuring a base line (determine current processes) based on you quantifiable pillars (a possible result can be that you have adequate processes in place)
  • Implementation phase
    • Helping to implement the improved processes
    • Communicating the new processes throughout the company
    • Training of the employees in using the new processes
    • Creating manuals or an intranet site for support
  • Measuring the results
    • Measuring the quantified pillars after implementation of the new processes
  • Evaluation and follow-up
    • We help you to evaluate the different steps and estimate how we can assist you in future updates